GISFaces 2.0 Preview

GISFaces 2.0 has been under heavy development for quite some time and is a complete rewrite from the 1.x version. As usual, it is based on the ESRI® ArcGIS API for JavaScript 4.11 mapping engine. The major feature included is 3D mapping support. Feature layer geometry, attribute, and attachment editing will eventually be included, once fully supported by ESRI®.

The most common layer types are currently supported. These include dynamic map layers, feature layers, graphics layers, CSV layers, KML layers, Geo RSS layers, WMS layers, Point Cloud (Lidar) layers, and ArcGIS Online Portal layers. Support for other layer types will be added as requested.

Many predefined widgets are included in the default map display. These include zoom in/out, search, 2D/3D panning, compass, basemap selection, layer list, legend, full screen, 2D/3D toggle, coordinates, and help widgets.

See the snapshot Examples application for live maps. The examples application has been completely refactored and uses PrimeFaces 7.0.

Please contact us if you have any feedback or suggestions.