GISFaces 1.9.0 has been released.

After a long development cycle working directly with our supported clients, GISFaces 1.9.0 has been released.  Lots of new functionality has been added at the request of our clients.  As such, significant testing was performed to ensure all new functionality meets their needs.

  • Update the mapping engine to the latest release of the ESRI® ArcGIS API for JavaScript, 3.20.
  • Support ESRI® Proxy Page 1.1.1b for advanced server based functionality.  The gis:map component has three new attributes, proxyEnabled, proxyAllRequests, and proxyUrl to configure the options.  The proxyEnabled attribute enables the proxy support.  The proxyAllRequests attribute forces all requests to go through the server-based proxy.  The proxyUrl attribute is only needed to provide a developer specified proxy page.  A configuration file, com/gisfaces/proxy/proxy.xml, is required in your Java classpath for use.  Please see the PDF documentation for usage.
  • Add support for SVG graphics markers with drag and drop capability.  Included are options for setting the marker SVG path, size, fill color, opacity, and outline color, opacity, and size.  The new class is SvgMarkerGraphic and the MarkerGraphic class was renamed to PictureMarkerGraphic.  The default SVG path is a teardrop with several other predefined paths available.  Any predefined or custom path can be set using the setPath method.  The SVG markers perform better than the picture markers and allow for dynamic changes to color and size based on any client data.  See the live graphics example page.
  • Add support for customizable AJAX event links displayed in the popup dialog.  Previously, the f:ajax select event was used and invoked the associated listener passing a MapGraphicSelectEvent object.  Now, the f:ajax action event will invoke the listener and pass a MapGraphicActionEvent.  The specified action can be retrieved with the getAction method.  The gis:map popupActions attribute specifies the actions displayed.  This change allows tightly-coupled application integration in working with graphic data.  For example, if the actions were "Add,Edit,Delete", three links are displayed in the popup dialog, and the listener could take an appropriate action when invoked.
  • Add new gis:geolocation component for HTML 5 Geolocation functionality.  This can be used with or without map functionality and supports single and continuous watch options.
  • Add support for the measurement widget to the toolbar.  The gis:map measurementPanel attribute must be specified for the icon to be displayed.  See the live toolbar example page.
  • Add new methods to the class including getCoordinates, getCenter, getWidth, getHeight, scale, and union.  Please see the JavaDoc included in the downloaded .zip file.
  • Add a new gis:map showPopupExport attribute to show or hide the Export link in the popup dialog.
  • Fix popup dialog CSS to allow overrides for better application visual integration.
  • Update to Font Awesome version 4.7.0 for use in the navigation toolbar.
  • Update the examples .war to use PrimeFaces 6.1 which are live on the examples website.

See the Examples page to run the live examples.

If you have suggestions or feedback, please contact us. We would like to hear from you.