GISFaces 1.8.0 has been released. Lots of new functionality and enhancements are included.

  • Add functionality to zoom to an extent using a definition expression specified on any dynamic map service layer.
  • Zoom to extent definition expression functionality zooms to lowest LOD level if there is a single point feature returned from the query. Otherwise, all returned features are guaranteed to be visible in the newly displayed map extent.
  • Add new Extent and Screen classes to the package for usage in events.
  • Automatically update managed bean values for latitude, longitude, and zoom in the extent and geolocate events, if the value is a value binding expression.
  • Add new TextHorizontalAlignment and TextVerticalAlignment enums in the com.gisfaces.model.graphic package for usage in the TextGraphic class.
  • Add support for halo color and size, horizontal and vertical text alignment and offset to TextGraphic class.
  • Both map click and extent events now contain latitude, longitude, zoom, extent, screen, and scale properties.
  • Add current map zoom level to the geolocation event.
  • Add map scale and zoom level to the coordinates panel.
  • Geolocation functionality zooms to lowest LOD level for the currently selected background layer.
  • Add showPopup boolean attribute on the map service component, applicable only for dynamic, feature, and graphics service types. This allows the popup window to be turned off for specified services.
  • Draggable graphics service layer markers will be brought to the top while scrolling through the list of identified features in the popup window. This allows the user to drag and drop a particular marker when multiple markers are displayed at the same location.
  • Add a data property to the base graphic class com.gisfaces.model.graphic.Graphic for any developer related object references needed.
  • Add a graphicId property to the select and view event classes for reference.
  • Add showSlider boolean attribute to the map component to show/hide map zoom slider buttons.
  • Add showArrows boolean attribute to the map component to show/hide navigation arrow buttons.
  • Add enableNavigation boolean attribute to the map component to toggle map navigation via keyboard and mouse controls.
  • Add a full screen mode option to the navigation toolbar.
  • Update the PDF documentation to contain updated component attributes.
  • Update the the examples website demonstrating the new functionality.

If you have suggestions or feedback, please contact us. We would like to hear from you.

See the Examples page to run the live examples.