GISFaces 1.7.0 has been released and contains the following enhancements and fixes.

  • Update to the newly released ESRI® ArcGIS API for JavaScript version, 3.17.
  • Refactor packages and classes starting in package com.gisfaces.model. Try the Eclipse Organize Imports (Ctrl+Shift+O).
  • Refactor classes in package com.gisfaces.model.legend to include Metadata in the name.
  • Add new classes in package com.gisfaces.model.service for retrieving map service, layer, and field metadata.
  • Add new property serviceId to com.gisfaces.event.MapGraphicDragEvent event class for use with multiple graphics layers.
  • Add new properties screenX, screenY, screenHeight, screenWidth to com.gisfaces.event.MapClickEvent event class.
  • Fix minor LOD (level of detail) related issues due to recent ESRI® background LOD changes.
  • Add new services.xhtml example page showing usage of new com.gisfaces.model.service package classes.
  • Update the examples .war to use PrimeFaces 6.0 and new publicly available map services.

If you have suggestions or feedback, please contact us. We would like to hear from you.

See the Examples page for code listings and live examples.